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You’re hosting an important gathering or celebration and you know you want live music to be a part of it. You’re not interested in run-of-the-mill background musicians or even a traditional dance band. You want something different -- engaging, interactive, intimate. A performance tailored to fit your event, and performers who will draw your guests in, making them feel a part of something unique.  


With 2 decades of experience playing public and private shows across the country, COLBY BESERRA and DAN LIPTON are experts at creating fully customized performances to complement any party. We work closely with our clients to build musical moments into our show that are specific to their tastes, preferences and event themes. We also make it our mission to connect with audiences, inviting them into a musical “conversation” -– a rare occurrence in today’s world of pre-packaged entertainment. 

Check out our ARTIST LIST for a wide-ranging, ever-expanding list of music we offer!

Jukebox Saloon is most often a “listening room” or "house concert" experience. This means that partygoers and guests gather at a designated time to take in our performance as a traditional audience in a relaxed, conversational setting. The intimate duo format we've honed over the years is perfect for smaller parties in the age of social distancing.

If you are new to hosting an event like this -- in your own home or at another venue -- check out our handy HOUSE CONCERT FAQ, which applies to most performance spaces.


Below is a sampling of our most popular specialty shows.

“JUST JUKEBOX” shows: Love what you hear on our albums and in our #InstantJukebox videos? Then look no further! We can bring our very curated and unique view on music as “song worshippers” to your party, exposing your guests to songs they already know and love, plus songs they’ll be glad to hear for the first time.

THEMED shows: Choose your favorite decade, artist(s), or genre of music! Jukebox Saloon will customize a show featuring music you know and love for one or more of our sets. 

HOLIDAY shows: We've got hours of holiday music at the ready, just watch our Holiday Reel and check out the HOLIDAY SONGS LIST!

REQUEST shows: Get your guests in on the fun! Either prior to, or at the event itself, we give your guests a chance to request their favorite songs. We have a digital sheet music library of over 1500 songs that we can pull from instantaneously, providing a great chance that we already know your friend’s favorite tunes. Check out our ARTIST LIST for an ever-expanding list of music we offer.

Sing-alongs: When used judiciously and sparingly as part of a larger show, this kind of “campfire” experience can provide a rousing jolt of energy and joy to any party!

Contact us below or at jukeboxsaloon@gmail.com to provide information specific to your event, and begin a conversation about how we can tailor-fit our music to your needs.